Simply Soweto Encha – Afropology’s Musical Adventure!

As cold weather draws in and we try to motivate ourselves to write essays over the Christmas holidays….I felt the need to procrastinate a little, and reflect back on one of the most successful events yet for Afropology, the student society in the Department of African Studies and Anthropology.

On Wed 7th October 2015, 18 members of Afropology set off in rather large taxis and headed to the Midlands Art Centre for an evening of entertainment. It was a one-night-only opportunity to watch five guys, from Soweto who have, for the past five or so years, toured internationally with what they promise to be “…unstoppable rhythm, invincible singing, daring dance.” (The MAC). Simply Soweto Encha certainly didn’t disappoint. They combined a mix of musical styles, performing samples of Zulu, Xhosa, Tswana, Gospel, Soul, Jazz, doo-wop and R’n’B. Co-ordinated with their energetic dancing, these guys were wonderful performers who had the audience bopping, clapping and singing along.

After the performance, Afropology had the exclusive opportunity to meet the singers – they even sang Happy Birthday to one of our members. It was a great round up to a fantastic night.

Simply Soweto Encha with some of our lucky students.
Simply Soweto Encha with some of our lucky students.

This trip was a wonderful chance for inter-year socializing and I feel helped set the tone for what has been a really friendly semester within DASA. It also allowed first years, studying the Introduction to African Culture module, to experience music from various parts of the continent, allowing for a deeper appreciation and understanding of parts of the course. The evening would not have been possible without funding from within the School of History and Cultures, which allowed us to significantly subsidize the ticket costs. I would like to thank the school for this on behalf of Afropology – we very much appreciate being enabled to start the year with such an energetic and musical bang!

Sarah Armes, Vice Chair of Afropology, BA African Studies with Development

Here’s a short taste of Simply Soweta Encha in action:


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